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Modern-day life has us wearing many hats.


Through 1-on-1 sessions, I'll help you organize the clutter and the processes involved in your digital life, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.


In business, they call these SOPS (standard operation procedures). This is a set of written instructions that describe the step-by-step process that's followed when performing a routine activity.


Ex. Most entrepreneurs have a workflow for onboarding new clients. Having a standard procedure helps them save loads of time and keeps them from having to remember all of the steps involved.

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And they're not just for business procedures, we use them to organize lifestyle routines, too!

Ex. Having a playbook for your pet's care comes in handy when you need to travel. Just hand the playbook over to your pet-sitter and be on your way!





I'm an entrepreneur with loads of life projects – my husband and I travel a lot, we both own businesses, we're about to move into an RV full-time, and soon, we'll want to start a family.


And while we love our busy lives, we used to get overwhelmed by all the bureaucracy and chores involved and didn't enjoy it as much as we should. I didn't want to cut back on any of my projects, so in order to lower my anxiety, I got organized.


I started creating playbooks for our repetitive processes like packing, house chores, plant care, and all things related to my business like invoicing, client onboarding and PR outreach.


It's worked so well for me that in 2020, I decided to start helping others do the same. I'm looking forward to helping you organize your life projects!

Organize your lifestyle. (1).png
Organize your lifestyle. (1).png

Free Intro Call

Here, we'll talk about the spaces you want to organize, the issues you're currently having with it, and what that space ideally looks like for you.

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I'll send you a few questions for you to answer before our first session so I can get to know your process as much as possible before starting.

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90-Minute Session

Here's where the magic happens. We'll dig right into designing your new process, making sure the steps are as efficient as possible. We'll design your playbook using the platform that make sense for your project.

Ex. Notion, Google Docs, Excel


Before the end of our session, we'll discuss your next steps. You'll likely have homework to do on your end, such as filling in missing pieces or gathering information. We'll also discuss whether or not we'll need another session to complete your playbook. Simpler processes can take a single session, but more complex ones could take two or three.

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Organized digital space!

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