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Jésabel DC

Hi there!

I'm a digital organization expert for entrepreneurs with anxiety and sensory overload! ✨

I got into this style of anxiety management during lockdown when screen time spiked and communication boundaries took a hit.

At the time, I was hired by a writer for the Chicago Tribune to organize her Gmail. This was requested by her therapist because her email load was giving her severe anxiety.

I started studying digital anxiety and how information-heavy spaces like inboxes can effect the nervous system. I then dove into learning advanced features in Gmail so I could modify her inbox's function and visuals.

Having done part of my schooling journey in Psychology, I knew how important color theory and positive word psychology is to the brain.

Sticky Notes-Edit-1.jpeg
Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 9.55.56 AM.png

Soon after, I presented her a brand new inbox system that was both functional and playful.

I was curious to see if other entrepreneurs would be interested in this. I ran a 20$ ad for my services in the ilovecreatives newsletter calling myself The Marie Kondo of Inboxes.

I got 16 new clients that same day. Since then, I've personally organized the inbox of over 60 entrepreneurs including:

  • Social Media Managers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Photographers

  • UX/UI Designers

  • Voiceover Actors

  • Fashion Designers

  • Copywriters

  • Podcasters

In spending time with my clients, I saw a need for skills that hadn't been taught in school, including digital organization.


So I turned my inbox knowledge into an online class so more people could have access to this style of anxiety management.


What's next? 

All of this allows me to focus on developing an entire catalog of classes that teach skills for modern-day life! ✨ 

Let's Connect!

Are you a podcaster, journalist, blogger, influencer or event host? I'd love to share my knowledge with your audience!


Digital Anxiety & Sensory Overload. How information-heavy spaces trigger brain fatigue and overstimulation.

Digital Nesting. The art of modifying digital spaces to lower anxiety and incite healthy behaviours within those spaces.

Digital Hoarding. How holding onto digital waste like junk mail and duplicate files contribute to ecological waste.

Digital ADHD. How technology can mimic symptoms of ADHD in people not genetically pre-disposed to it.

Digital Detachment. How to detach emotions such as guilt and fomo from email subscriptions and notifications.

Digital Boundaries. How to set and communicate limitations around your digital persona.

Anxiety-Aware Communication. How to communicate digitally without triggering anxiety in your recipients.

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